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The Perfect Rustic Light For Your Home

Posted on March 16 2022

Rustic elements in a space have always brought charm and character to a home. The addition of rustic styling in a home can range from rustic décor and furnishing to rustic lighting. Rustic homes emit warmth, comfort, and natural beauty, enhancing the overall design scheme.

Some rustic style subcategories include; farmhouse, cottage, and coastal. Each have different aspects, levels, and intensities of rustic styling that create unique and fresh design concepts. As popular home renovation shows showcase these styles, these popular subcategories are trending more than ever.

We will detail the design elements of each rustic category and explore a number of Golden Lighting products that work well with each style. If you feel the need to reevaluate your home’s style and lighting choice before we begin, we recommend reading our quick blog to find lighting that best fits your home’s style.

Project Home 2020 Mudroom

Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Farmhouse style homes typically showcase some type of vintage flare either by displaying antiques or showcasing weathered wood. Some homes emulating farmhouse design often repurpose old barn tools and metal to add that touch of authenticity. This type of rustic country décor can be found peppered throughout farmhouse kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

To match farmhouse interiors, we recommend installing complementary farmhouse lighting. Farmhouse lighting fixtures can vary in style from industrial farmhouse lighting, modern farmhouse lighting, to vintage farmhouse lighting. The mudroom shown above is from our collaboration with American Farmhouse Style and Cottage and Bungalows for the 2020 Project Home build with Scissortail Homes in Oklahoma.

Farmhouse Ceiling Lights

Waylon Linear Pendant in Antique Black Iron

Jasper Linear Pendant in Antique Black Iron

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Project Home 2020 Bathroom

Cottage Light Fixtures

Cottage homes emit charm, comfort, and often a casual rustic tone. Some cottage style homes mimic the structure and architectural design of early German, English, Scottish, and French country cottage sides. Cottage interiors tend to blend a warm mix of brick and natural wood, balanced with soft textures and feminine décor.

When thinking of cottage interior design, a stylistically inspired light fixture must be considered. Select fixtures that mimic primitive country lighting which showcase weathered or “peeling” finish and have appealing classic silhouettes. For the Project Home 2020 build, a vintage-inspired traditional shaped 3 light bath vanity was chosen for the above shown room. We softened the farmhouse look by installing our Bartlett in a French White finish with expressive hints of gold to better match the cottage design of the bathroom.

Cottage Lighting

Haiden 4 Light Pendant

Saxon 6 Light Chandelier

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Florence 3 Light Pendant

Coastal Lighting

Coastal homes often utilize rustic décor to create their seaside retreat. Coastal style homes often use natural elements such as driftwood, rattan, bamboo, and rope. Nautical paintings and accents can often be seen throughout homes with coastal interior designs.

Achieving a cohesive coastal design requires the use of coastal-inspired fixtures. We recommend browsing our selection of rattan pendant lights, nautical outdoor lighting, and coastal chandeliers listed below.

Nautical Ceiling Lights

Seaport Outdoor Flush Mount in Natural Black with Seeded Glass

Marissa 6 Light Pendant in Burnished Chestnut

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