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DIY Install

It's Easy!

Replacing Your Lights Can Be As Simple As...1, 2, 3

(Watch These DIY Installation Videos From Our YouTube Video Library) 

  Looking at a light that you hate day-after-day can be depressing. Every day, you think about replacing it, but you don't want to go to the trouble of hiring someone to swap it out. You don't have to! Why stick with a light you hate to look at, when you can upgrade to a light you love?

While an experienced electrician is recommended for complex installs, you can DIY basic light fixture installations.

1. Pick Out Your New Light

2. Turn Off the Power, Grab Your Toolkit, and Follow the Instructions

3. Restore Power

Easily Upgrade Your Lights In No Time!


Lighting can be an easy and affordable way to upgrade your home. A swap of your lights can instantly change your space.


Why Stop At One Room?


Who says you have to stick to traditional looks? Nowadays, lighting can match farmhouse styles, modern looks, Boho spaces, and everything in between. Beautify every room in your home with a selection of our premium lighting styling at amazing discounts.