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Find Lighting That Matches Your Home's Style

Posted on February 18 2022

You may be apprehensive, but you can easily replace your current light fixtures with lighting that fits your home’s style and aesthetic. Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that come back from broad searches? Wondering where do you begin?

This Lighting Home Style guide has the answers you seek. It can help you find beautiful lighting that will match your home’s décor and stylistic elements. In this text, we will briefly review each classic category of home style and the elements that support them. 

Following each style category we have suggested Golden Lighting fixtures that complement the associated home style. Click on these light fixture images to visit the product page where you can obtain more information about the fixture size and wattage, as well as, explore additional items within the family.

Modern Home Style

Zoey Large Pendants in Matte Black with Matte Black Shades

Modern homes are defined by some type of architectural character such as exposed beams and/or a flat or angled roof. The interior of these homes typically feature clean lines and are minimalist in design. Some more industrial-style modern homes utilize an expressive amount of metal and concrete. Color palettes often used in modern homes are neutrals such as black, white, and gray. Warmth can easily be added to the home with either a bold pop of color or metallics like Chromes, Pewters, or Brasses. We recommend homes with modern styles to use light fixtures with two-tone elements, metallic accents, geometric shapes, and unique designs. See the below selection of modern chandeliers and modern pendant lighting, otherwise known as contemporary lighting.

Modern Lighting

Axel 8 Light Chandelier in Matte Black with Matte Black Wire Shades

Corbin Linear Pendant in Natural black

Zoey Large Pendant in Olympic Gold with Matte Black Shade

Architect 10 Light Pendant in Matte Black

Tribeca 6 Light Chandelier in Matte Black with Pewter Accents

London Linear Pendant in Chrome with a Matte Black Cage

Atom 6 Light Chandelier in Chrome with Brushed Steel and Aged Brass Accents


Uptown Home Style

Autumn Twilight 12 Light Chandelier in Black Iron

Uptown style leans more toward décor with feminine elegance and sophistication. Designer elements are often seen within these homes. Uptown home color palettes include warm yellows, pinks, creams and oranges. Classic uptown style elements are similar to traditional homes, however, the former utilizes more decorative elements and softer décor. We recommend light fixtures with crystals and a more feminine silhouette to complement this style.

Uptown Crystal Lighting

Ariana 6 Light Pendant in Chrome with Matte Black Accents and Crystals

Autumn Twilight 12 Light Chandelier in Black Iron

Bijoux 5 Light Chandelier in Brushed Etruscan Bronze

Ella 6 Light Chandelier in White Gold with Crystal Accents

Marilyn 5 Light Chandelier in Peruvian Gold and Crystal Chain Shade

Joia 3 Light Pendant in Peruvian Gold


Paris 3 Light Pendant with Crystals in a Matte Black Cage


Traditional Home Style

Torbellino 9 Light Chandelier in Cordoban Bronze

A classic style found in older homes, the traditional home is often a large multi-story home modeled after 18th-19th-century European décor. Traditional homes typically have multiple key interior features, craftsman furnishing, detailed to ornate millwork, and either wallpaper or cooler wall colors such as teal, mint, or blush. This style of home is typically more masculine than Uptown. We recommend traditional light fixtures with a classic silhouette, sweeping arms, and beautiful detailing.

Traditional Lighting

Davenport 5 Light Chandelier in Etruscan Bronze

Suzette 9 Light Chandelier in Natural Black

Leighton 4 Light Chandelier in Pewter with Navy Cage

Parrish 9 Light Chandelier in Matte Black with Seeded Glass

Saxon 6 Light Chandelier in Aged Bronze


Victoria 6 Light Chandelier in Heirloom Gold


Rustic Home Style

Finley 4 Light Pendant in Vintage Sage

Rustic homes are defined by a strong emphasis of nature. Raw materials are often incorporated and left exposed within the structural design. Exposed wood beams, wood trim, hardwood floors or wood walls are typically found in various rustic homes. Color palettes for these homes include earthy warm reds, browns, greens, and oranges. We recommend rustic light fixtures that utilize organic shapes, or a blend of wood and metal elements. See a selection of rustic chandeliers and rustic pendant lighting below.

Rustic Lighting

Teagan 6 Light Pendant in Natural Black with Rustic Oak Accents

Meyer Linear Pendant in Antique Black Iron

Parsons 3 Light Pendant in Gunmetal Bronze

Naima 1 Light Pendant in Antique Black Iron


Transitional Home Style

Alyssa 3 Light Chandelier in Matte Black

Transitional homes are usually a perfect blend of traditional and modern style. Elements from both styles are utilized in a harmonious way, sometimes even rustic elements can be seen in transitional homes. Transitional homes use furnishings that are simple yet comfortable and incorporate timeless designs with classic, sophisticated décor.

Transitional Lighting

Winslett 9 light Chandelier in Matte Black with Ribbed Clear Glass

Colson 9 Light Chandelier in Olympic Gold with Pewter Mesh Shade

Payton 6 Light Pendant in Matte Black

Manhattan 5 Light Chandelier with a Modern White Shade and Matte Black Cage

Mercer 5 Light Chandelier in Matte Black with Aged Brass Accents and Seeded Glass

Holden 6 Light Chandelier in Matte Black with Seeded Glass