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Golden is a lighting company that designs and manufactures residential light fixtures and chandeliers. Founded in 1982, Golden Lighting was established as an importer of manufactured products. In the mid-1980s, significant distribution opportunities were uncovered in the ceiling fan market that allowed the company to focus on selling fans to electrical and builder supply houses in the Southeast. During the 1990s, the focus shifted toward residential lighting fixtures and as the product line developed, more decorative lighting products were added. Today, Golden Lighting sells primarily to lighting showrooms and electrical supply houses throughout the United States.

Golden Lighting has an outstanding reputation for understanding customer needs and incorporating those needs into its product designs. Strong industry awareness, a high level of customer service, and a dedicated team of highly trained sales professionals are hallmarks that have solidified Golden’s position as a leader in the residential lighting industry.

“One of the best things that I ever learned was to listen to customers. Most customers would walk away without saying a thing to you, but the ones that care about your business will speak up so that you can improve.” - Golden Lighting President Yuh-Mei Hutt

Our outlet site allows us to connect directly with users and offer our closeout and open-box items at heavily discounted prices. To view our complete product line, visit us at

Our mission and values remain the same across all business functions and platforms.


We deliver an exceptional experience by providing top-notch service and fashionable, quality lighting designs through a passionate team that cares.


  • Provide superior customer service and quality products
  • Honor our commitments and be consistent and fair
  • Promote true teamwork based on cooperation, trust, and gratitude
  • Invest in our people and products
  • Maintain a strong community presence
  • Continually seek improvement and innovation in every aspect of our business
  • Data-driven decision making

We are the products of this company. We are the brand, we are a manufacturer, and originator of our beautiful lighting. Of course, we need to invest in our products, but what we have come to discover and love about our company is the people and that investing in our people is more important than investing in our products. Because if we invest in our people, they're going to build amazing things.