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Lighting a Dining Room

Posted on February 09 2022

Measuring your space is essential to achieving the perfect look. Oftentimes, eyeballing isn’t enough. So we recommend taking out your measuring tape and following these guidelines from the professionals.

Golden Lighting's Victoria 0815-6 HG over a dining room table

Product Shown in Image - 0815-6 HG

Nowadays you can place a fixture just about anywhere that an existing, or potential, junction box can go. However, there are standards you should adhere to when hanging lighting fixtures in certain rooms like dining rooms. Keep the advice we provide here in mind when installing a new fixture over your dining table.

The Key - Know Your Measurements

Always keep in mind your ceiling height, measuring this will help you determine the proper hanging height for your new fixture. If you have tall ceilings you may need to purchase additional rods or chain to achieve the right fit.

You will also need to reference the proposed fixture’s dimensions via the fixture’s Spec Sheet. Spec Sheets are available through our retailers’ websites. You can also look for your light fixture or find dimensions and spec sheets here at

Our Scale images are also helpful. With each of our products, we offer Scale Reference Images. As shown below, these images can help you get a better sense of how a fixture will fit in your space.

How To Hang Lighting Fixtures Above Dining Rooms and Tables

  • Pendants and chandeliers should stay 30” above the table or surface
  • Use a fixture that is 12” narrower than the width of the table
Ensure your measurements are correct before committing to cutting any wire. From there, follow the installation instructions provided with your fixture to complete installation and mounting.

Dining Room Light Options

Smyth Series by Golden Lighting

Smyth 4 Light Chandelier

Astoria Series by Golden Lighting

Astoria 5 Light Chandelier

Amari Series by Golden Lighting

 Amari 4 Light Chandelier

Heiress Series by Golden Lighting

Heiress 6 Light Chandelier